Garth Waldropt : Chief Instructor of B.I.K.O.

Kaicho Garth Waldropt
- 7th Dan Kyoshi Renshinkai Karate
He has been practasing the Martial Arts for many years, in styles including; Kyokushinkai, Sankukai, Wado-Ryu, Wu Shu Kwan and Aikido. He was a founder Member of the style he practaces Renshinkai
, his wide knowledge of Traditional and Competition Karate have bought him success in many events, both Individual and Team Events. He Believes in an Open Door Policy, and is willing to listen to ideas that will make B.I.K.O. a Respected Organisation, Both Nationally and Internationally.

1977 Oriental World Championships - 1st place team
1978 BKA Cup Ind Kumite - 1st place
1980 Tera Shield Ind Kumite - 1st place
1980 East of England Ind Kumite - 1st place
1980 Tera vs Norway International - 1st place team
1981 Welsh Open Ind Kumite - 1st place
1981 South of England Ind Kumite - 1st place
1981 England vs Wales (EKB) International - 1st place team
1984 East of England Ind Kumite - 1st place
1984 East of England Championships - 1st place team
1984 Shotokan Karate Internationa Open Ind Kumite - 1st place

1988 Elected BASKA Chairman of the Technical Committee
1988 Elected BASKA Team Coach
1990 Graded to 5th Dan
1991 Recognised as a Senior Coach by the EKGB
1995 Voted BASKA Assistant Chief Instructor
2000 Graded to 6th Dan
2001 Appointed BASKA Coaching Officer
2003 Appointed Chief Instructor of B.I.K.O.
2008 Awarded 7th Dan Kyoshi

Renshinkai Croydon
The club began as Croydon Karate Kai in 1974 and the chief instructors at that time were Shihan Dickie Wu (7th Dan) and Sensei Mick Dinsdale (6th Dan). They also instructed at the famous Red Lion club in Leytonstone, which paved the way for many well known instructors today. In 1976, the Croydon club was closed for a short time and then re-opened by Sensei Garth Waldropt (6th dan), who is still the chief instructor at the club today. During 1979, to bring clubs together, Renshinkai was formed, and the Croydon club became Renshinkai Croydon. In 1995, to further develop the success of Renshinkai Croydon, clubs in Merton, Lambeth and Wandsworth were formed, and as a result Renshinkai Southern Academy (RSA) was inaugurated. RSA is committed to excellence and has a new motto "Saizen", which means "The best" or "Do the best"

The aims of the RSA are:
To train the mind and body to a high degree of efficiency. To take part in competitions at all levels. To be able to defend oneself and family if the situation arose. To train in a safe and protected environment. To ensure equal access to all sectors of the community. To create centres of excellence in a positive environment in South London and the surrounding areas.